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Jonathan Patz, MD, MPH

Research Area: Global Health, Environmental health
Keywords: Water-borne diseases, Vector-borne diseases, Urban Sprawl, Remote sensing, Preventive Medicine, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Malaria, Land use change, Heat Mortality, Health Impact Assessment, Greenhouse Warming, Global Climate Change, Deforestation, Built Environment, Air Pollution

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Professor of Environment Studies, and of Population Health Sciences



Jonathan Patz, MD, MPH, is a Professor & Director of Global Environmental Health at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He Co-chaired the health expert panel of the US National Assessment on Climate Change and was a Convening Lead Author for the United Nations/World Bank Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. For the past 15 years, Dr. Patz has been a lead author for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (or IPCC) – the organization that shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore.

He is President of the International Association for Ecology and Health and co-editor of the association’s journal EcoHealth. He has written over 90 peer-reviewed papers and a textbook addressing the health effects of global environmental change. He has been invited to brief both houses of Congress, served on several scientific committees of the National Academy of Sciences, and currently serves on science advisory boards for both CDC and EPA. In addition to his sharing in the 2007 Nobel Prize, Dr. Patz received an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellows Award in 2005, shared the Zayed International Prize for the Environment in 2006, and earned the distinction of becoming a UW-Madison Romnes Faculty Fellow in 2009.

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  • President, International Association for Ecology and Health
  • Affiliate Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
  • Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Executive Board, Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Executive Board, Consortium for Conservation Medicine
  • American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
  • Editorial Board Member: Environmental Health Perspectives; EcoHealth; Frontiers in Ecology; Pan Amazonian Journal of Health

Recent Honors/Awards: 

  • Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow, 2005
  • Zayed International Prize for the Environment, 2006 (Shared as Convening Lead Author for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment)
  • Nobel Peace Prize, 2007 (Shared as Lead Author for IPCC)
  • UW-Madison Romnes Faculty Fellow, 2009 

Select Publications:

Olson SH, Gangnon R, Elguero E, Durieux L, Guegan JF, Foley JA, Patz JA. Links between climate, malaria, and wetlands in the Amazon Basin. Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2009; 15(4): 659-662.

Vittor AY, Pan W, Gilman RH, Tielsch J, Glass GE, Shields T, Sanchez-Lozano W, Pinedo VV, Patz JA. Linking deforestation to malaria in the Amazon: Characterization of the breeding habitat of the principal malaria vector, Anopheles darlingi. Am J Trop Med Hyg 2009:July: (in press).

Patz, JA, Vavrus S, Uejio C, McClellan S. Climate Change and Waterborne Disease Risk in the Great Lakes Region of the US.  Am J Preventive Medicine  2008;35(5):451– 458.

Patz JA, Gibbs, HK, Foley JA, Rogers JV, Smith KR. Climate Change and Global Health: Quantifying a Growing Ethical Crisis. EcoHealth 2007 4(4): 397-405.

Bell ML, Goldberg R, Hogrefe C, Kinney PL, Knowlton K, Lynn B, Rosenthal J, Rosenzweig C, Patz JA. Climate change, ambient ozone, and health in 50 US cities. Climatic Change (2007). DOI 10.1007/s10584-006-9166-7.

Vittor, AY, Gilman RH, Tielsch J, Glass GE, Shields TM, Sanchez-Lozano W, Pinedo VV, Patz JA. The effects of deforestation on the human-biting rate of Anopheles darlingi, the primary vector of falciparum malaria in the Peruvian Amazon. Am J Trop Med Hyg 2006; 74(1): 3-11.

Patz JA, Campbell-Lendrum D, Holloway T, Foley, JA. Impact of regional climate change on human health. Nature 2005; 438:310-317.

Patz JA, Daszak P, Tabor GM, et al. Unhealthy Landscapes: Policy Recommendations on Land Use Change and Infectious Disease Emergence. Environ Health Perspect 2004 (July).

Patz JA, Hulme M, Rosenzweig C, Mitchell TD, Goldberg RA, Githeko AK, Lele S, McMichael AJ, Le Sueur D. Regional warming and malaria resurgence. Nature 2002;420:627-8.

Curriero FC, Heiner K, Zeger S, Samet J, Patz JA. Analysis of heat-mortality in 11 cities of the Eastern United States. Am J Epidemiol 2002; 155(1): 80-87.

Curriero FC, Patz JA, Rose JB, Lele S. Analysis of the association between extreme precipitation and waterborne disease outbreaks in the United States, 1948-1994. Am J Public Health 2001 (Aug) 91:1194-99.

Patz JA, McGeehin MA, Bernard SM, Ebi KL, Epstein PR, Grambsch A, Gubler DJ, Reiter P, Romieu I, Rose JB, Samet JM, Trtanj J. The potential health impacts of climate variability and change for the United States: executive summary of the report of the health sector of the U.S. National Assessment. Environ Health Perspect  2000; 108: 367-376.

TEXTBOOK: Aron JL and Patz JA (Eds). Ecosystem change and public health: a global perspective. Johns Hopkins University Press. 2001. 

 Courses Taught:

  • PHS/ IES 740 Health Impact Assessment of Global Environmental Change
  • IES 808 Integrative Research Methods for Humans and the Global Environment

Contact Information:

1710 University Avenue
Room 258, Enzyme Institute
Madison, WI 53726

Phone: 608-262-4775
Fax: 608-265-4113


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