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Name Research Keywords
Leonelo Leonelo Bautista Cardiovascular disease, Hypertension, Obesity, Treatment adherence
charles Charles Brokopp Biomonitoring, Cytogenetics, Disease epidemiology, Newborn screening, Public health policy
Karen Karen Cruickshanks Aging, Chronic Diseases
Maternal and Child Health, Women's health
durkin.jpg Maureen Durkin Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Child Health, Disability, Epidemiology, Injury Prevention, Screening
Corinne Engelman Aging, Alzheimer’s, Cognitive Function, Genetic Epidemiology, Vitamin D
Ronald Ronald Gangnon Cluster detection, Ranking, Spatial modeling, Syndromic surveillance
Marty Marty Kanarek Air Pollution, Environmental Epidemiology, Fish Contaminants, Indoor Air , Water Pollution
Kristen Malecki Community-based participatory research, Environmental Epidemiology, Health Impact Assessment, Population-based survey
Ana Martinez_125_opt.jpg Ana Martinez-Donate Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening, Health disparities, Health Literacy, HIV prevention, Immigrant health, Latinos/Hispanic, Obesity prevention, Tobacco Control
lorraine Lorraine Meisner Genetic Epidemiology
F. Javier F Javier Nieto Aging, Cardiovascular disease, Hypertension, Sleep disorders, Survey research
Mari Mari Palta Longitudinal Cohort Studies, Type 1 Diabetes, Very low birth weight
Paul Peppard Aging, Hypertension, Obesity, Physical activity, Population health, Sleep disorders
Public Health Training in Medical Education
Ajay Ajay Sethi Adherence, antiretroviral therapy, Global health, Healthcare-associated infections, HIV/AIDS, Infection control, Infectious disease, Substance use, Uganda, Vaccination
Amy Amy Trentham-Dietz Breast cancer, Mammography , Obesity
Terry Terry Young Aging, Cardiovascular disease, Sleep apnea, Sleep disorders