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MS/PhD Student Profiles

First Name Last Name Program Interests
Lindsay Allerton Ph.D. Health Related Quality of Life and Health Inequalities for individuals with disability
Anna Barker Ph.D. Infectious disease, infection control, global health, women and children's health.
Kristin Berg MS Outcomes research, tobacco cessation
Rachel Bergmans Ph.D. Environmental epidemiology, global environmental health, and the interaction of food systems, water quality, and water quantity with community health.
Penny Black Ph.D. Program evaluation, evaluation research, strategic planning, geographical information systems, international health
Rebekah Blakney MS Infectious Disease, Socioeconomic Health Disparities, Community-based Research and Intervention
Justin Blasberg M.S. Epidmemiology, Surgical Outcomes, Cancer
Kaitlyn Booske MS Biostatistics, epidemiology, mental health, stress, social determinants (relationships, networks, support, socioeconomic disparities, community environment), behavioral factors, sleep, healthcare systems and quality, lifecourse effects
Jessica Cathey Ph.D. Health and mental health economics, cost effectiveness research.
Burcu Darst Ph.D. Genetic Epidemiology, Gene-Environment Interactions, Complex Diseases