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MS Degree Program in Population Health Overview

We offer a Master of Science in Population Health with concentrations in epidemiology, health services research, social and behavioral health sciences, and clinical research.

Our research-oriented graduate MS degree program is designed to provide rigorous, interdisciplinary training to develop students' abilities to synthesize knowledge and skills needed to address health related problems. The Department of Population Health Sciences is the home of world-class research programs that seek to understand health, diseases, and their determinants across the lifespan; test interventions to improve health; and develop methodological approaches for population health research. The interdisciplinary approach of our graduate program prepares our students to be leaders in their professions by instilling strong methodological research skills together with understanding of basic biological, epidemiological, social and behavioral, and health services constructs in the context of a population-based focus. Through coursework and research collaboration, we seek to train students to employ rigorous scientific and analytic methods to reduce the burden of morbidity and early mortality, to identify the most effective ways to prevent and treat diseases and disorders, and to promote population health.


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