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Alumni and Friends

Alumni Networking

As you move from life as a student to life as a working professional, there are important steps you can take to keep your career on track and to network with colleagues. We highly encourage you to take advantage of these resources – particularly with the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA). Staying connected through these various channels is a smart move for your career!  You can also serve as a strong advocate for your department and program and continue to raise your profile nationally and internationally. You can also investigate becoming a preceptor or offering a fellowship, field placement, or job opportunity to students. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other ideas or suggestions for ways alumni can connect with one another or to partner with our programs.

Utilize Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) Resources ‐‐ Register with WAA and login to their alumni directory. This is the main source of alumni data for our department so we know how to reach you. For instance, be sure to provide WAA your email address so that we can send you job opportunities appropriate for our graduates. WAA also offer various career resources such as the Badger Career Network, workshops, networking events, job boards, etc. The WAA website has lots of parts to it; it might be useful to start with the ʺQuick Linksʺ at the bottom of their homepage.

Stay in touch with the department! The Department of Population Health Sciences would like to thank you for all your hard work and the contributions you made to the department. You will be missed and we consider you a part of the population/public health family! So, it’s only natural that we want to know your future plans and contact information (even if unknown or tentative) – such as a future/current job, educational plans, post‐doc, fellowship, etc. At the very least, please provide us with a non‐Wisc email account so we can stay in touch with you regarding news in the department, job opportunities, and more! In addition, as you progress in your career, please drop us a note as you secure job positions or make noteworthy contributions in the field!

Join and Network on Facebook ‐‐ After joining Facebook, become a “member” of our PHS group. Search for ʺUniversity of Wisconsin Population Health Sciencesʺ to find the PHS group and join. Feel free to start a discussion, upload photos, videos, or just write something on the wall. Also consider joining other networking ʺgroupsʺ of interest such as the “Wisconsin Alumni Association” or become a “fan” of pages of interest such as “Bucky Badger.”

Join and Network on LinkedIn -- With a greater focus on careers/professional development, LinkedIn provides a social networking site for the working professional. LinkedIn also has “groups” you can join such as “University of Wisconsin Population Health Sciences” and “Wisconsin Alumni Association.” Search for these groups and join. Also, consider joining other networking groups of interest to you.

Alumni Honors

Please contact us if you have some alumni news, honor, or acknowledgement to share!

Philip M. Farrell Population Health Distinguished Alumni Lecture

This annual Lecture Series is intended to recognize outstanding graduates of the Department of Population Health Sciences for their professional accomplishments and achievements in a field related to population health. The lecture is named upon Dr. Philip Farrell, Professor of Population Health Sciences and Pediatrics and former Dean of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, in recognition of his leadership in the transformation of the Department and the School. It was under Dr. Farrell’s tenure as dean that the Department (founded in 1959 and formally named Department of Preventive Medicine) changed its name and underwent a consolidation of its graduate programs into the Population Health MS/PhD Program, that the Masters of Public Health was established, and that the process of transformation of the School into a School of Medicine and Public Health was initiated. The recipient of this award is chosen by the faculty and students of the Department and is invited to give the Alumni Lecture at the Population Health Annual Poster Session.

2013 -- Nilay D. Shah, PhD, Assistant Professor of Health Services Research, Mayo Clinic, presented "Medication Therapy Management Services: Does the Evidence Support Policy?"

2012 -- Chris Sempos, PhD, Nutritional Epidemiologist at the Office of Dietary Supplements at the National Institutes of Health presented "Diet, Heart and Nutritional Epidemiology. Lessons not Learned."

2011 -- Hong Wang, MD, PhD, Principal Associate Senior Health Economist, International Health Division, Abt Associates Inc. presented "Practicing Population Health Sciences in Africa: Three Examples in Healthcare Financing."

2010 -- Paul E. Peppard, PhD, Assistant Professor of the Department of Population Health Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health.  He spoke on "Sleep is Vital.  Sleep is Deadly.  Sleep is Slippery.  The Lessons and Challenges of Sleep Epidemiology."

2009 -- Robert F. Anda, MD, MS, Co-Principal Investigator of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study and Senior Scientific Consultant for the McKing Consulting Corporation. He spoke on "The Enduring Health and Social Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences: Epidemiology and Neurobiology Converge."

2008 -- Kevin R. Hayden, MA, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. He spoke on "Reforming Long-Term Care Through Family Care."

2007 -- Paula Lantz, PhD, MS, Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. She spoke on “Population Medicine: Bringing Public Health Perspectives to Medical Care.”